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Redesign of Web App & SaaS

Companies go through a redesign process of their complex system for different reasons. A business may have the need to win new markets, sell the product to new companies, and reach new users.

Companies go through a redesign process of their complex system for different reasons. A business may have the need to win new markets, sell the product to new companies, and reach new users.

However, there are many challenges in redesigning such a big system. It’s difficult to set up the workflow of a lot of teams (designers, managers, developers) and keep the consistency of the design and interactions, as well as the integrity of all the modules of the product.

The Angle2 team revamps out-of-date, cumbersome web and SaaS solutions so that you can painlessly keep your project, startup, or business afloat and cost efficient. We have all the necessary experience to make the app better for all your users, no matter the intricacy and complexity of the worn-out legacy system. We are well qualified with complex systems and web applications, such as EHR, help desk, CRM, etc.


Revitalizing your web software

The proper redesign of legacy software solutions is a challenge for companies and startups due to the lack of specialists with profiled expertise. We have teams of professionals specializing in just that field. That’s why we decided to offer knowledgeable web app and SaaS redesigning as a separate, narrow-focus service.


Why go for a software redesign with Angle2?

In our experience, system redesign can help businesses solve a variety of challenges. An improved interface is required if a company is looking to tackle a new, yet unexplored market or niche. Redesign is crucial if you lack the scope of customer reach or simply want to boost sales with new client opportunities. A whole new, fresh take on your existing system is able to elevate your business potential and beat the competition with a new innovative way of delivering products and services.

With a heavy focus on the collection, analysis, and individual discussion of requirements, we handle full-cycle redesigns of web apps and SaaS products, including CRM systems, EHR, help desk solutions, etc.

How It Works

Our team has tuned our process to ensure a transparent workflow and deliver a result of the highest quality. From research to support, we follow the necessary stages one by one.
  • Research

    We start with the in-depth research of requirements, product aspects, niche trends, and user needs and tasks. Our goal is to understand our target user persona and analyze the best practices and solutions used in interfaces in the industry.

  • Business-driven objectives

    During this stage, we come up with the best approach to merging business goals with an efficient interface.

  • Dedicated design team

    We assign a team of expert UI/UX designers and project managers to do all-around work on the project.

  • Support

    After the project is over, our team can provide further dedicated support to solve new issues and implement fresh ideas.

Angle2 design experts
know how to:

  • Understand your particular business and technical needs

  • Approach even the most complex, difficult to take apart legacy systems

  • Implement a new design with minimal effect on current users

  • Handle the UI/UX design of SaaS and web apps according to the latest industry trends

What do you get as a result?

  • Better performance and smoother user experience
  • Ultimately better user satisfaction
  • More professional and modern look and feel
  • Lower tech maintenance and workflow costs
  • Attracting new users and helping them get the most out of your solution
  • Boosted revenue and a whole set of new business growth features

Time to freshen up

Customers and users online are always eager for innovations, and better experiences. Competitors are fast to outrun and overlap each other in a harsh race to be the most eye-grabbing and engaging in the market.

You must keep up as well, unless you want to drag behind the competition.

Have you stood still with your system, making only minor updates for a long time? Perhaps it’s time to freshen up and reach for new horizons.


Improve the Look and Feel, Boost Performance, and Get More Sales

The major benefits you get from a timely legacy system redesign are all interconnected. Did you know that even a one-second delay in the speed of loading can seriously undermine your performance rate in the long run? Additionally, it contributes to lower user satisfaction.

Thus, smooth, high performance, along with inviting visuals, results in better user attraction and engagement, which means more sales and a sturdier position in the market.

Check out some of our web app and SaaS redesign case studies – see what we can offer in this direction in practice for yourself.

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