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  • Industry: AR experience, marketing.
  • Product type: Augmania — AR content marketing solution.
  • Duration: 200 hours, 2 months.
  • Tools: ​Sketch, Illustrator, InVision, Zepplin.


  • — Personas
  • — UI language
  • — Information Architecture
  • — Design for all pages
  • — Hi-Fidelity Interaction Prototype

Meet the team

Project manager, 1 UX designers, 3 UI designers.


  • Onboarding Product and User Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • UI design
  • Front-End development

About the client

Augmania is a web-based Augmented Reality content marketing solution. It's an interactive experiences generator that allows marketers to create the content on the web and publish it on mobile browsers, no Apps.

Augmented reality (AR) without engineering. Augmania provides engaging augmented reality (AR) campaigns in minutes through its code-free platform. The experiences are shared easily through a URL.


  • Make the interface more understandable and user-friendly.
  • The interface is the product of the company. It was critically important that its quality coincided with the high price of a subscription
  • The project needed to be completed quickly. It was a new technology and it was fundamentally to release the product before all competitors


We started by exploring health care.
This is a complex topic. We studied the healthcare system in the market and gradually got acquainted with the structure of the existing product.
We had also created Personas to understand user needs.


  • Be a good employee and move up the career ladder
  • To be a successful person and professional
  • Grow and develop yourself


  • Create impressive content for your product
  • Create memorable ads on Instagram
  • Create an advertisement for a new restaurant menu
Anna Mayson Content-creator, marketer


  • She doesn't know the new tools
  • She has a limited budget
  • She lacks quality content
  • She has limited time


  • To be a top-notch employee
  • Create better content and learn new technologies
  • Work with the best brands

Informational Architecture

UI design




  • image
  • image360
  • video
  • video360
  • text
  • location
  • 3d
  • animation
  • audio
  • html
  • qr
  • button

Corporate Brand palette

  • red FF1D53
  • red 2E4363
  • red 09BAA6
  • red 6234FF


  1. We made a redesign and improved user experience.

  2. We created modern and user-friendly interface

  3. We built components which can be used by the client team for further development.
  4. We created the interface in time, so the client could present the new technology earlier than all the competitors.
…Been a fully staffed team, they are able to handle multiple concurrent requirements without problems. Each team member at Angle2 provides us with new insights and ideas for our products that help make it better…
Ricardo Pineda NeoDeck Holding

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