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  • Tips To Design a Telemedicine App

    We all witnessed a shortage of medical services throughout the world over the last year. The COVID pandemic demonstrates how far the healthcare sector still stays from the global adoption of IT technologies, unfortunately. However, awareness about such a burning necessity found its reflection in the special document released by the World Health Organization. The […]

  • SaaS UX Research Best Practices

    User experience plays a vital role in the success of SaaS solutions. Businesses are investing millions of dollars in hiring UX developers and building design centers. According to research by Forrester, one dollar spent on user experience yields a 100 percent return, which equals a return on investment of 9,900%.  Design errors are costly to […]

  • SaaS UX Design Best Practices

    Forrester estimates that the global web design industry is $162 billion as of now, and some software categories are expected to grow more than 20% this year! SaaS UX design is one of the most complex and diverse options among many of them, and it definitely should be taken into account when creating targeted products. […]

  • App Redesign: How to Know It’s the Right Time?

    Mobile and web applications have greatly changed the lifestyle of a modern person. We are surrounded by a huge variety of applications that help us communicate with friends, learn the news, and much more. In this article, we will tell you all about app redesign and the right time to do it. Why Is the […]

  • UX Metrics: Research-Based Angle to Measure UX

    Profiled studies indicate that one dollar invested in UX design brings in $100 in revenue. In such a manner, a well-designed user interface increases your website conversion rate up by 200-400%! Ultimately, the real value of B2B is also determined by the results of the partner’s interaction with the interface of your online resource. Visual […]

  • 7 UX Design Trends for 2021

    New UX design trends emerge every year, promising to transform user experience and improve users’ quality of life. Trends are changing and adapting to the customers’ tastes. While many trends have been forgotten, other tendencies completely changed the overall picture in the world of UX design.  With 1.7 billion websites it may be difficult for […]

  • Main UX Design Principles You Need to Know About

    In web design, a lot seems like real magic. It is, in fact, the science of its own with its own rules and principles necessary to comply with to make the final product successful. As with every science, there are academic resources that provide an overview of the basic concepts and methods. For instance, the […]

  • Best UX Design Courses Online

    Being a rather narrow area in web development, user experience allows you to make electronic services logical and understandable. For example, our UX designers are constantly studying the user experience with a digital product and easily determine which program interface will be the most convenient. If you are attracted by searching for solutions to problems, […]

  • Design System Benefits and Why You Need It

    What does a design system do? A design system is a collection of design patterns, practices, and interactions that enable developers to create quality interfaces consistently. Design systems can be considered primary sources of the correct format for the UI, which are then refined from project to project, taking into account individual specifications. These streamline […]

  • The Guide to Modular Design

    After several decades of evolution of the World Wide Web, the user interface is no personal improvisation of designers any longer. The online competition makes creative arbitrariness unaffordable for website owners since the retention rate sets the rules.  Today, a scientific approach to UI design is a norm. But any science makes sense only if […]

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  • Clutch Names Angle2 as a 2021 Top B2B Company in Ukraine

    As a full cycle UX design driven agency, Angle2 has always strived to create things that are useful, usable, and delightful for every single one of our clients. This has been our goal since our foundation in 2016 and our team has not wavered. Through our hard work, our team has finally gained the recognition […]

  • Angle2 Featured Among Top UI/UX Design Companies by

    Angle2 is a full-cycle software development company with a strong focus on the design thinking approach and a solid background in designing and developing complex systems. Angle2 is based on three core values: never sacrificing quality, always keeping promises, and always staying connected. We value high ethical standards, a progressive mindset, and an innovative vision. […]

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