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  • Design System Benefits and Why You Need It

    What does a design system do? A design system is a collection of design patterns, practices, and interactions that enable developers to create quality interfaces consistently.   Design systems can be considered primary sources of the correct format for the UI, which are then refined from project to project, taking into account individual specifications. These […]

  • The Guide to Modular Design

    After several decades of evolution of the World Wide Web, the user interface is no personal improvisation of designers any longer. The online competition makes creative arbitrariness unaffordable for website owners since the retention rate sets the rules.  Today, a scientific approach to UI design is a norm. But any science makes sense only if […]

  • How to Handle Complex Apps and B2B Interface Design

    Web design is not a cakewalk affair for a layman to handle so serious e-commerce entrepreneurs hire seasoned professionals to eventually receive a top-notch site. Yet, even within this highly specialized sphere, there are some jobs that even experts might have trouble with. One of such tasks is designing highly intricate interfaces for B2B or […]

  • How to Evaluate User Experience by Yourself

    How to conduct UX evaluation if you aren’t really a UI/UX expert but still want to check the usability and see what you need to polish up before launching the project? Let’s figure this out together.  Suppose, you own an online store or a landing page promoting a commercial event. The website has an authentic […]

  • How to Prepare for a Perfect B2B Call

    It goes without saying that any business or entrepreneur involved with B2B products or services should take phone calls most seriously. This is the precious time and attention of your clients, so no mistakes should be made and no time should be wasted. This is why you must learn to avoid common mistakes. Stages of […]

  • Why Business Wins from Investing in UX Research

    Today, we have a lot of examples that clearly prove the importance of good UX. Some of these include historical pieces of evidence that show the advantages of usability. The Origin of Ergonomics The ancestor of UX design is ergonomics. This notion originated sometime around 1960. Ergonomics has been an important part of the design […]

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