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8 SaaS UX Design Best Practices

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Forrester estimates that the global web design industry is $162 billion as of now, and some software categories are expected to grow more than 20% this year! And more trends and tendencies are indicating exceptional business and aesthetic values achieved with seamless user experience. Its overall design can be implemented via many approaches.

SaaS UX design is one of the most complex and diverse options among many of them, and it definitely should be taken into account when creating targeted products. Of course, it is also important for the users to know, study and understand the conditions in which they work.

Here at Angle2, we have been using the market’s leading UX design practices to achieve some impressive results. This is why we decided to share our take on SaaS UX design – SaaS UX design principles and best practices, approaches we employ, and benefits we get from a thoroughly built user experience.  


Why Consider SaaS Product Design Best Practices?

The implementation of SaaS interface design best practices can bring you some valuable benefits:

Reduce customer loss (or increase conversion)

An impactful UX design can firmly grab a user’s attention in a variety of ways – through interaction, dynamic visuals, alternative features, etc. In such a way, a knowledgeably formed user experience helps both retain users that were unsatisfied with some other aspects and boost conversion rates by offering seamless interaction and high responsiveness of the interface. 

Increase user speed (and their satisfaction) by optimizing the experience

The speedy and smooth performance is what ultimately satisfies software users across all segments and demographics. And user satisfaction is the top priority that translates into the overall success of the product or service. By using SaaS interface design best practices, profiled specialists achieve optimized user experiences tailored to the needs, desires, and traits of target users.

Relieve customer frustration with professional support

Not to be taken as a cynical remark, but customers tend to find issues and come across errors even where there are no faults whatsoever. Nobody has to perfectly know their way around your piece of software – users need responsive guidance. To help service/product providers demonstrate how much they value their customers, top-notch user experiences are always supplied with all-around available support.

Attract new users and increase brand loyalty

User experience is not all about how the interface looks, but rather more about the way it feels. And the cooler it feels, the more existing customers enjoy interacting with your software, and more new customers are enticed to try out what you have to offer.  To feel cool, though, the UX must be fast, seamless, intuitive, and focused on specific issues, which is only achievable with top design practices.


Bring savings in the long run

Although a truly high-quality user experience built with the UX best practices for SaaS may require a felt initial investment, the resulting benefits and profits go a long way. The top-notch UX design stimulates and streamlines conversion rates through user engagement and motivation, not only boosting general revenues but also saving time and nerves of both customers and service providers.

Great customer service depends a lot on a clear and engaging user experience. UX is based on analyzing the final product in terms of meeting all user expectations. Exemplary SaaS design increases employee productivity by enabling them to achieve their goals and plans more effectively.

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Features of modern SaaS UX design

Since we already know about the importance of best practices of designing the best SaaS product, let’s delve deeper into SaaS UX design features. Modern, well-balanced UX design takes every little thing into account, describes all the details to develop the most convenient and easy-to-understand product. Browsing the site’s elements gives the user a sense of security and trust. They know exactly where and how to click, or where to go to achieve their goal. And nothing will be overlooked. The new icons, buttons, and accelerators are undeniable, and the streamlined information architecture delivers the data you need as quickly as possible.

8 Basic Principles and Best Practices of UX Design for SaaS

Finally, we will take a look at SaaS design best practices used by the most successful businesses. Here is their list:

1. Simple SaaS UX design

One of the classic  SaaS UX best practices – the simpler the interface, the more inviting it to interact with. So to avoid unnecessary confusion, use simple language, icons, familiar colors, simple and clear feedback forms. As an ultimate measure, a complex multi-level website structure with several sections and numerous pages may be reconsidered in favor of a lightweight infinitely scrollable landing page with a few subsections. And don’t forget about the “back to the top” upside arrow button that helps swiftly scroll up to the beginning of the page. 

2. Each screen should contain elements with a standardized design

In every brand representation, including a website, it is crucial to keep the authenticity and unique brand value consistent. For good rates of user loyalty, users must know on what website they are exactly at all times. Here, standardized design across all pages is among the top efficient SaaS website best practices. This way, a user gets used to the essential elements of your website’s user experience from the first pages to then easily navigate the rest of the site. Standardized UX design elements are great tools for users to become autonomous and use your website in all the right ways.  

3. Intuitive navigation

Create a clear and understandable hierarchy of information architecture and visual presentation where each aspect follows logically out of the previous one. On top of all, this means that all pages must be interlinked so that every page leads to the next one and has a link leading from the previous page. With this best practice for SaaS interface design, you will be able to conveniently outline a sitemap – a type of table of contents that allows users to easily jump to pages on the site. As a whole, the URL hierarchy is important to the website’s performance, SEO, and user experience, which means that you certainly should pay it some separate attention.

4. Easy sign-up

Give your users freedom. Minimize the number of required fields when registering on the site. Of course, one of the best practices for SaaS UI design here is a single-click sign-up via social media so make sure that your website offers at least Facebook and Gmail buttons for fast registration and sign-up. And as for the number of necessary fields to fill out, minimize them to an email address/phone number, which can also act as a login name, and a password. This way, you won’t lose users that would rather click away than fill out forms online as well as those that won’t bother with cumbersome forms if they get signed out on accident.

5. Convenient access

Make the site accessible to the maximum number of users, including people with disabilities. For this, you can apply contrasting colors, provide font size scaling, enable voice search and spoken descriptions, and employ other SaaS web app design best practices. All in all, it is a great result when the website can be easily navigated and used to its full extent with the help of a mouse and nothing more. Nothing beats such single-handed accessibility. Other important accessibility factors are multi-regional access and multi-language localization, both of which are best considered and elaborated during the early planning stages.


6. Using multimedia and e-books

On the one hand, themed multimedia and e-books can provide users with a more complete picture of your company. The presence of high-quality media content on the website also surely helps increase Google rankings, grow brand awareness, and attract new customers to your offers. In terms of related SaaS-based application UX design practices, it is worth starting to work early on a flexible and reliable content library that will serve as the main content database and hub in the future. You may also want to implement a separate blog section where all useful materials will be described and promoted.

7. Laser focus on your target audience

The target audience of website users or online store customers is what must shape your website inside and out so that, as an owner, you can hit the bull’s eye and spot the demand. To help you with this, one of the well-proven SaaS application design best practices is the composition of a TA portrait. Forming the essential description of your target users/customers based on thorough research or even polling can help you tailor the UX specifically to the likes and dislikes of your target demographics. In the long run, this means more loyalty and higher sales.

8. Easily available help

Users ideally expect to have a smooth, free from issues experience when interacting with websites and applications. And yet, even with the most basic solutions, there may appear questions and a need for timely assistance. Users are your guests and you have to be ready to show them around the place and explain all the small and big things. Thus, responsive user support remains among the UX best practices for SaaS – it is best to have a live chat up and ready to clarify any questions users may have at any moment of website interaction.

Use the same principles that apply to SaaS in business. This ensures that the final product accurately reflects your company’s values.

9 Important SaaS Design Trends

The most noticeable design trends today:

  • An essential B2B saas design trend is that brand logos are almost always located in the upper left corner. Such an approach is used by most designers. This makes as most people read from left to right.

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  • Most SaaS websites are smartphone-friendly.
  • More than half of the resources contain videos.
  • There is always a call to action at the top of the page. That being said, Free Demo is considered the best CTA.
  • The basic colors of buttons are green, blue, and orange.
  • The main background of the pages is usually light, often white.
  • Only about half of the sites use photos of real people.
  • 3D graphics, simplified custom illustrations are often used, too.
  • Only half of SaaS brands use online chat rooms.

Apart from following SaaS trends, if you want your resource to look authentic, don’t use:

  • Flat graphics for an abstract representation of your brand.
  • Dark orange or yellow buttons on the home page.
  • Left alignment of value propositions.
  • Left placement of the logo.
  • Light background.

Instead, pay attention to navigation accelerators and dynamic sorting. 

Our experience

Here at Angle2, we create Saas UI/UX with the thought of making our users’ experience as great as possible. We carefully study the users and get answers to basic questions. How often and how do they intend to use your product? Every day, once a week, constantly moving or sitting at the computer? It all matters!

For example, Talent Scan, where we interviewed different people.

We always implement SaaS web design best practices, take into account the possible growth of the system, try to see the bigger picture and accurately understand which direction the application is moving towards in the future. We lay a good foundation during the design phase of the system to help create simple new sections when needed.


User-oriented design impacts customer experience and plays a key role in building brand awareness. This is an important milestone on the way to a successful business. However, many tasks facing a web designer are not always easy to solve yourself.

If it is a hard task for you or you just don’t have a lot of time for it, contact our specialists. UX design professionals will help solve your SaaS UX problems with proven solutions!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should be mentioned among SaaS UI UX best practices🤔
SaaS UI and UX are the crucial aspects to get right if you want to engage with and keep users. The SaaS world goes through many trends, but in the list of best practices, we mention creating simple SaaS UX design, intuitive navigation, easy sign-up, making convenient access, using multimedia and e-books. Also, there should be laser focus on your target audience, easily available help and each screen should contain elements with a standardized design.
2. How is it possible to improve SaaS UX?
A good SaaS user experience takes the weight off customer support. If you think about SaaS user experience optimization you shouldn't create a disconnect between the product and the packaging, you should use little hints to introduce new features and also design for the full, unrestricted app.
3. Why is UX important if you want to improve SaaS?
Answering the question of why UX is important for SaaS, you should know product’s UX design is one of the most crucial things that can either improve or destroy your SaaS company. Carefully crafted UX design implementation will assist you in reducing customer churn rates, facilitating the user journey as well as overcoming user frustration.
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