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  • Industry: HR.
  • Product type: SaaS.
  • Duration: 3 months.
  • Tools: Sketch, InVision, Zeplin.


  • — Personas
  • — UI language
  • — Product Map
  • — Design for all pages
  • — Hi-Fidelity Interaction Prototype
  • — Front-End development

Meet the team

Project manager, UX designer, UI designer.


new module
  • Research

    Requirement’s management

    User flow

    Informational Architecture

  • Wireframes

    General layout


    Interaction Priceples


  • UI design

    Design Language

    First screens



  • Development and testing

    Angular.js development

    Design review

About Project

TalentScan includes chrome extension and web application that helps improve the recruiting process. TalentScan uses machine learning technology to help recruiters find and contact specialists more easily. Main possibilities include smart search, storage of candidates and providing information about candidates from different sources.

TalentScan’s users are

  • Recruiters at a big company
  • Recruiting companies
  • Freelance recruiters


  • AI technology helps find better more suitable candidates
  • Search in several sources simultaneously
  • Quick access to candidate contacts
  • Possibility to see candidates statuses in the hiring process
  • Comments to share opinions about a candidate



  1. Get users perspective on their process
  2. Identify issues with current extension and application
  3. Add smart suggestions to extension


  1. Enhance the experience of the chrome extension for it to become the centre of their business
  2. Join with the new extension Greenhouse ATS
  3. Gain more users


  • Stakeholder Interview

  • Competitors Research

  • Heuristics Evaluation

  • User Interviews

  • Journey Map

  • Qualitative Research

Heuristics Evaluation

Profile View and Add to Vacancy (Extension)

  • Visibility of system status
  • Match between system and the real world
  • User control and freedom
  • Consistency and standards
  • Error prevention
  • Recognition rather than record
  • Flexibility and efficiency of use
  • Aesthetic and minimalist design
  • Helps users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors
  • Help and documentation

Current issues:

  1. Flow in the app, build in such a way, that users need to worry about two processes at once, which might cause confusion, and makes tasks more complicated.
  2. It’s not very clear where you are in the system. Are you looking at vacancy or candidate, or client? Position of a user in a system should always be clear for the user.
  3. This element is not a good enough indication of system status. Not enough information is displayed to make it useful for the user.
  4. Similar buttons but behave differently
  5. Same icon (the cross icon) does different actions, sometimes it’s deleting, sometimes it’s closing
  6. Need more instructions on first use.
  7. There are no instructions about what you should do when there are no vacancies in your vacancy list. There is no visible add button for that.
  8. There are no hotkeys for experienced users.


Heuristic evaluation found 31 usability issues in the main process of the extension and the web app. We noticed a general lack of clarity regarding the path for users to take, the system should guide a user through the process. Significant issues with informing users about their position/status in the system were found and should be the main focus for improvement. The system would also benefit from better-structured information, that helps users concentrate on important information better.

Journey Map

Information here is based on answers recruiters gave during interviews.

Ann, 25

City Kiev Field IT
Company EPAM Goal Find better candidates more efficient
Job Recruiter
City Kiev
Company EPAM
Job Recruiter
Field IT
Goal Find better candidates more efficient


Ann is currently looking for good specialists for the IT company she working for.
She has 10 different vacancies she should find proper candidates for.

  • Planning

    Ann received requirements for a new position

    Learning requirements

    Selecting a strategy for search

    Is there enough information for candidate search

    From what websites it’s better to start

    What alternative names exist for position and skills that I’m looking candidates for

  • Review

    Reviewing profiles/resumes

    Saving candidates to the base

    I don’t want to lose time on reviewing profiles of candidates that are not suited for the position

    Don’t want to lose time contacting people not interested in finding a new job

  • Communication

    Searching for contact information

    Contact candidate

    Could be hard to find contacts

    How can I get an answer quicker

Qualitative research

We conducted qualitative research with 5 new and 5 current users. All users struggled with onboarding, they couldn’t go past the first step without help. Confusion about steps that users need to take next come up several times. Even after using extensions users had a hard time identifying their position in it. Even though users find a lot of functions helpful, they have a hard time finding that function on their own. General lack of control for users in the app was noticeable because they had trouble stating their position in the system.

Onboarding and Sign up

5 out of 5 new users experienced such issues:

  • First thought that the extension was not working.
  • Didn’t get what they were supposed to do based on onboarding text.
  • Got confused about the sign up process and started using signs on the page instead, which led them to repeat the same steps in the sign up page.

1 out of 5 new users experienced such issues:

  • Entered the wrong password on sign up, because there was no repeat password field user didn’t notice that he made a mistake.

Creating Vacancy and Saving Candidate

4 out of 5 current users experienced such issues:

  • Didn’t get purpose of the long list icon
  • Didn’t get how AI Suggestions work
  • Had trouble explaining their position in the app

4 out of 5 new users experienced such issues:

  • Had trouble understanding in which status candidate currently is.
  • Had trouble deleting a person from the vacancy.
  • Took longer than expected time to create a vacancy.

5 out of 5 new users experienced such issues:

  • Didn’t get purpose of the long list icon


Onboarding process should be a major issue to address while redesigning, along with navigational issues mentioned above. To include helpful features better, we should improve users flow in the extension and application, create experience that guides users and informs about every step that they take. Previously done interviews and journey map will help us in creating that process close to what recruiters used to that will help them navigate better on the system.


Base on our findings, we created wireframes in Invision.
While we were creating wireframes, the flow that guides the user through the process, was our priority. We replaced help messages with simple functional steps that help figure out how the extension should work. And new features were integrated to help users save their time.

UI Design

Good UI design always making a first and last kick to the user. The user will never even try your app if it'll be ugly and old-looking. You can build the better UX ever, but the user will never even get to know about it. Also, if you've already created an awesome user experience — good UI gonna become the last beautiful dot.

UI Kit

Each design should be systematized. That's why we creating at least a small UI Kit for each of our projects. It'll help us to keep the design consistent and slick.

H1 Headliner
H2 Headliner
H3 Headliner
H4 Headliner
Field Title


On this project, we created a UX audit report, Wireframes, and UI design.
Currently, the extension is working with updates that we suggested. We’ve noticed an improvement in user onboarding and task completion, so we can say that we successfully tackled the main issues that extension had. New features that were implemented seem to be helping recruiters find better candidates quicker.

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