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Security management platform

SaaS application for teams of developers to track and resolve security issues


Project Roadmap

This project is a startup, so new requirements appear as soon as the client gets new feedback from their users. Our approach is flexible, so we select the most suitable methods to provide value and quality on each stage of the project.

Product Map

to know the system

Security teams often get frustrated from trying to keep up with endless lists of bugs. That’s why the clients decided to launch their own startup and improve the security workflow.

The clients came to us after working with another design team. They started with an MVP and wanted to continue working on new features. Our task was to create UX and UI design for the new requirements, while maintaining the established design system.

Project Challenges

Flexible startup approach
Flexible startup approach
Start with MVP and work with new requirements as they appear
Developer perspective
Developer perspective
Work in close collaboration with developers and provide quick support
Advanced users
Advanced users
Provide shortcuts and optimize repeated actions for experienced users

UX and UI design

After we gather enough information about the requirements, we proceed with wireframing and prototyping. We use Figma to build all the screens and link them into a clickable prototype. We take advantage of responsive auto layouts, reusable components and variants, to make design flexible and easy to implement.


UI Language

We chose a font Rubik for this project because this font goes is a sans serif with slightly rounded corners and this font is well readable both large size and small size.

Fonts Fonts
rgb(207, 21, 45)
Shades of Gray
Alerts dashboard

Security teams receive hundreds of vulnerabilities from automated tracking software, but most of them are very similar and bring no additional value to the user. Filtering the important vulnerabilities manually takes a lot of time and effort.


The application uses sets of pre-defined rules to group vulnerabilities into actionable alerts, which are easier to manage. As a result, users can focus on important security risks instead of filtering vulnerabilities manually. Our task was to show the value of this feature on the dashboard. We used a funnel chart to show the large input of vulnerabilities compared to the small output of alerts.

Alerts dashboard

Alerting policy creation

Users can create their own sets of rules to define alerts. This process is highly customizable and includes many different steps. Our task was to make the layout simple and user-friendly, while keeping all the advanced features.
We built a step-by-step flow, which allows users to create their own alerting policy. The users can see all the steps and navigate between them. We also introduced shortcuts, such as templates and auto selections, to eliminate unnecessary repeated actions.


Elements (E00.00)

Elements are simple entities, they consist of bases. Not independent and often found in different cases and modules. They do not carry the semantic load by themselves. Are more technical entities.

Elements <span>(E00.00)</span>

Components (C00.00)

Components are intermediate entities between patterns and elements. If you divide the pattern into entities, you get a component.

If you combine elements into some entity, but it is not completely independent, as a pattern, it is a component.

Components<span> (C00.00)</span>

As a result

As a result
As a result As a result
As a result

$3.1M received from investors to proceed with development

<span>$3.1M</span> received from investors to <span>proceed with development</span>
Incredibly happy with the quality of work delivered by the team. They really do deeply care about making us successful and I can see that in the amount of research and thinking they do before designing something for us. The whole team is very good to work with, deliver things on time and always stay on top of their work.

Our perfect team

Yevheniia Klysha

Lead UX Designer

Olesya Vdovenko

Senior UX Designer

Eugeniya Zhuravlyova

UI Designer

Oleksandr Belkin

Project Manager

Olha Kirdiaieva

UX Designer

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