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An outdated app design can lower user engagement and affect your business. Take advantage of our proven web app redesign processes to create an intuitive app experience that your users and customers will love.

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Web application redesign services that help you reduce costs and improve sales

Don’t let legacy designs hold your business back

Outdated design can confuse and annoy your users — especially if it was created by developers with no design expertise. Our UX and UI specialists are here to make your app modern, flexible, and enjoyable to use, so your customers stay loyal.

Don’t let legacy designs hold your business back

Offer better experiences than your competitors

Get the edge on other solutions in the market by creating a smooth, intuitive experience that meets user needs. We help you understand how your users think and feel, so your app design enables them to achieve their goals faster.

Offer better experiences than your competitors

Reduce your support costs

When users struggle to navigate your product, it means more calls to your support team — and more work for your developers to fix the issues. We help you improve the usability of your product, so you cut down on support and development costs.

Reduce your support costs

Get a consistent look across your app modules

As you scale your app, parts of it may look and feel different, which can confuse your users. We create a UI kit with design patterns and rules to build a consistent, unified design that makes your app look professional.

Get a consistent look across your app modules

Our redesign process

We take advantage of your experience and reuse the best parts of your existing product, instead of building everything from scratch. This way we ensure your web application redesign is cost and time-efficient.

Project analysis
Project analysis
We begin our web redesign service by studying your project and business goals. Then we define the suitable research methods to gain essential knowledge about your product and users.

Stakeholder interview

In an initial interview with you and your team, we dive deep into your business needs and gather the initial requirements to get started.

Design audit

During this step, we analyze your application using a heuristic evaluation. This helps us identify areas for improvement and issues that could decrease the usability of your app.

Competitor research

Here we explore competing solutions to discover common patterns, analyze best practices, and identify any design decisions to avoid.
UX research
UX research
We undertake different redesign methodologies to understand your product and user goals. Here are some of our most common steps to create user-centered designs:

User interviews

Talking to your users helps us get to grips with their needs, goals, and behaviors. The step enables us to generate valuable insights into the pains and gains of the users, so we can make better design decisions.

Information architecture

Building a visual structure helps us get a better view of all the information important for your web app user interface. Based on this structure, we’re able to organize and prioritize data — the key to building the right layout for your app.

User flow

Next, it’s time to create a graphical representation of every action your users will take in the system. This helps us make sure they can complete their tasks without any complications.
UX prototyping
UX prototyping
With the knowledge and insights gathered during the UX research stage, we create your interface module by module. Building black and white wireframes helps us demonstrate how your app’s structure will look like.

And by connecting all the wireframes we make a clickable prototype, which you can present to your customers or investors to get their feedback.
UI design
UI design
Once you approve the core part of the prototype, it’s time to launch the visual design phase. Here, we first build a UI concept to understand your preference and then start designing the entire application.

During this stage, we get all your screens ready for development — plus
a UI kit that you can use to scale your app in the future.
Design support
Design support
To help ensure there are no inconsistencies in the final product, our team reviews how your developers are implementing our designs. We also provide you with usability testing services, so you can make sure that your product is both intuitive and enjoyable for your users.

Work with a custom web app redesign company that’s transparent and trustworthy

Design Research and UX Audit
Design Research and UX Audit
Before investing in a web app re-design, it often makes sense to determine what’s not currently working. With our research and audit services, we can figure out what’s slowing down your conversions and engagement. Techniques like UX research and post-launch testing reveal the issues experienced by your users—including those that aren’t obvious
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Specialists in contemporary UX
Specialists in contemporary UX
We combine your product knowledge with years of our experience in working with complex systems. This enables us to create modern designs that resonate with your users. Take advantage of our proven processes, which follow the fundamentals of the Neilsen-Norman Group, to build intelligent solutions for your design challenges.
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Reliable communicators

We believe in building a transparent relationship with our clients. That’s why we keep you informed about your project from the start. Through regular meetings, our aim is to involve you at each step of the journey and share the progress we’re making.

Reliable communicators

What outcomes will you get from our custom web app redesign services?

Improve sales with a user-friendly interface
With a new and engaging interface, you’re able to offer a great user experience and attract new customers. Smooth interactions mean that your users are able to complete their tasks effortlessly, and your investors see the value in your digital products.
Explore ideas quickly with clickable prototypes
Our interactive prototypes give you a feel of the final product so you can make informed decisions early in the process. This enables you to avoid time-consuming and costly changes later on.
Design growth-ready apps with an easy-to-implement UI
As a growth-focused web app redesign company, we help you prepare for the future too. Take advantage of our UI kit that helps you add new features and modules, and easily scale your system as you grow.

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What kind of web app redesign experience do you have?
We’ve worked on a wide range of web app redesign projects in a number of tech-related industries. To see some examples of our web and app redesign, check out our detailed case studies.
How long do your web app UI redesign services usually take?
Every project is different, and it will depend on your needs and objectives. Most redesign & UI/UX projects take between three months to one year.
How much do your web app interface redesign services cost?
Every project we do is different, so there is no standard cost. However, most of our projects range between $30,000 to $150,000. To get a quote for our UI web app redesign services, please contact us directly.
Do I need to have any redesign tools when I hire your company?
We will supply everything needed for the project, including communication and project management tools.
Can I redesign a web app without professional help?
While there are some companies offering ‘do-it-yourself’ redesign solutions and software programs, we don’t recommend them. While they can be good learning tools, they don’t match the quality you will get from a professional team.

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